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Membrane Structure

Membrane Structure    

Item NO Weight Fabric Width(M) Width(inch)
GYCT-900-30 900gsm, 26oz/sq.yd 1000*1000D/30*30 1.02 to 3.2M 40'' to 126''
GYCT-1050-30 1050gsm, 31oz/sq.yd 1000*1000D/30*30 1.02 to 3.2M 40'' to 126''
GYCT-1200-13 1200gsm, 35oz/sq.yd 1300*1300D/18*18 1.02 to 3.2M 40'' to 126''

1.High tensile, tearing and adhesion strength. Durable.    
2.Color and weight according to customer requirements    
3.Anti-abrasion, Anti-UV, Waterproof, Self-cleaning. Good resilence    
4.Anti-mildew, Fire resistant(B1,B2, NFPA-701,M1, M2, JIS L1091) - optional.     
5.Materials can be lacquered with Acrylic or PVDF    
6.Fracture properties, good elasticity, anti-corrosion, high cover, excellent appearance.    
Membrane structure, open ceiling, large awning 

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