What is pe tarp?

Update:10 Oct 2020

One. the concept:
PE, the chemical name is polyethylene. It is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic material with good mechanical strength and chemical resistance. The pe woven fabric of Heyuan Tarpaulin adopts South Korean technology, precision weaving, high quality material, high quality and low price. It has no smell, so it is clean and environmentally friendly.

Two. Features:
1. Odorless, non-toxic, feel like wax, clean and environmentally friendly;
2. Has excellent low temperature resistance;
3. Lightweight, easy to fold and carry, and easy to use in emergencies;
3. Good water absorption;
3. Good electrical insulation performance;
4. It can be used normally at -70 to +100 degrees Celsius, with good chemical stability.

Three. product use:
1. Use of rainproof cloth for long-distance transportation and sea transportation;
2. Rainproof, sun-proof and dustproof for outdoor facilities, terminal yard, and airport construction;
3. Transport packaging;
4. Dust protection during decoration;
5. It is used for making dustproof, waterproof and sun protection equipment cover.

Four, matters needing attention:
1. Because pe tarpaulin is double-sided film, its biggest disadvantage is short service life, so it is only suitable for short-term waterproof use.
2. Avoid frictional contact with sharp objects, and it is forbidden to drag on the ground and other uneven places during use.



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