Classification and performance use of canvas

Update:2020-11-19 00:00

Oil canvas is a kind of cloth that is coated on a specific cloth substrate to prevent the penetration of oil, solvent, water and so on. Coated cloth used for inkjet, photo, indoor and outdoor advertising, light boxes, etc. is also called canvas. The materials used to make hand-painted canvases are mainly tight and flat cotton canvas and linen cloth. The chemical fiber cloth is extremely smooth and clean, suitable for inkjet and printing.


Hand-painted: oil painting, acrylic painting, tempera painting.

Spray printing: wedding photos, personal photos, copy paintings, interior decoration, exhibition venue layout, merchandise display background, door lintels, roller shutters, shop billboards, company profiles, posters, indoor and outdoor advertisements, light boxes.


According to the material, it can be divided into : linseed canvas, pure cotton canvas, chemical fiber (polyester) canvas, cotton and linen (55% hemp, 45% cotton) canvas, and other material canvas.


Oil canvas: The cloth used to paint oil paintings is coated with a coating base that prevents the penetration of oil, solvent, water, etc. on a specific cloth substrate.

Coated cloth used for inkjet, photo, indoor and outdoor advertising, light boxes, etc. is also called canvas

Performance requirements

Hand-painted canvas: stable size, strong elasticity, clear texture, no cracking, strong durability, good weather resistance, width and thickness, compact and thick, smooth and flat, flexible, impact resistance, few hair pores and grains, special organization, Meet the requirements of painting creation, collection and preservation of canvas.

Inkjet canvas: smoothness, smoothness, gloss, texture, coating fastness, coating pinholes, curling, water resistance, oily, water-based dye and pigment ink absorption, inkjet printing resolution.

Indoor and outdoor advertisements, light box cloth, etc. require strong substrates and weather resistant coatings.

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