How much do you know about grid cloth?

Update:2020-07-17 00:00

Grid printing is generally divided into two types: small-hole grid cloth and large-hole grid cloth.

Large-hole mesh cloth is an outdoor advertising carrier processed by PVC coating process. It is characterized by high strength, tear resistance, aging resistance, light weight, freezing and cold resistance, and can be used for screen printing and wide-format digital printing Manufacture large indoor and outdoor billboards, building advertisements and other places, as well as advertising monuments in windy sand areas and windy areas by the sea.

The large-mesh grid cloth is similar to the single-through. It uses the optical principle. The cloth is covered with small holes, and then the picture is printed on the cloth. The picture can be seen on the bright side, and the small side can pass through the small hole. The hole can see the scenery behind the cloth, which is generally suitable for shopping malls with transparent glass exterior, so that people can only see the pictures on the outside wall of the mall outside the mall, and can see the outside through the glass and grid cloth inside the mall View.

   Grid cloth printing, using pure imported grid cloth materials, and printing with transparent acrylic paint, so that the picture provides the widest range of color levels in ultra-wide digital printing. The combination of digital processing and anti-oxidation technology allows the screen to continuously create vivid images with rich colors.

   Large hole grid cloth printing solves the problem that the existing advertising materials are easily torn by wind resistance. The mesh cloth made of high-strength polyester yarn is used as the base fabric material. After the mesh base fabric is impregnated, extruded, dried and gelatinized with the resin coating material, a resin film is formed on the upper and lower surfaces, and the mesh cloth and the resin film are combined into Integral, forming a mesh structure with many mesh holes; the mesh cloth is composed of longitudinal tows, transverse tows and bundled filaments. The longitudinal tows and transverse tows are not interwoven with each other. The bundled filaments connect each longitudinal tow with transverse filaments Bundle at the vertical intersection of the bundle.

   Large-hole mesh cloth can be used for large-scale digital printing advertisements and fence net advertisements. In addition, this material can also be used in the external walls of commercial buildings, the walls of high-rise buildings under construction, and the booth construction of large exhibitions.

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