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Application fields of grid printing and single transparent paste

Update:2020-10-15 00:00

In the field of inkjet printing, photo machines are relatively common equipment. Photo machines are involved in various fields. Especially in recent years, there are more and more types of inkjet printing media materials, and the application industry of photo machines is more For obvious.

The characteristics of grid cloth and single-transparent stickers are similar. Both use optical principles. Golden section lines can be sprayed on the surface. However, there are still differences between grid printing and single-transparent stickers.

Double-transparent paste printing is also called perspective paste and mesh paste. Its main material is PVC material with black rubber bottom. The aperture and pitch of single-transparent paste are designed according to the golden section method. The aperture is 1.6mm and the pitch is 2.4. mm achieves the best combination of light transmittance and picture performance. In this way, the best visual effect and good light transmittance can be guaranteed. It is suitable for posting shop windows, glass doors and windows, glass curtain walls or glass surfaces of vehicles. It not only has the purpose of blocking sunlight, but also has the effect of advertising. In common applications, the use of Shenzhen Wuteng piezoelectric photo machine for high-precision printing and printing of single-transparent stickers, combined with personalized graphic design, to achieve better and better image effects, such as bus body glass windows Advertising, subway glass advertising, van glass advertising, shopping mall glass window advertising and company glass advertising, fast food restaurants, chain restaurants, gas stations, department stores, supermarkets, banks, lounges, hotels, motels, small retail stores, etc. Glass showcases, etc., have good application effects, and are also commonly used printing media for inkjet printers.

Grid printing: What is grid cloth? Grid cloth is the cloth with countless small holes. The front of the cloth is a single layer of yarn, which can make the wind pass through the surface of the cloth, so it can greatly reduce the pressure of the wind on the inkjet cloth, so that the picture can reach longer and longer outdoor Effect of inkjet use. The places involved are basically used for advertising on the walls of high-rise buildings. Because of the special material characteristics of the grid cloth, it is stronger and more durable than ordinary cloth. The mesh cloth is based on the medium alkali or alkali-free glass fiber woven fabric, which is formed by alkali-resistant coating. The product has high strength and good alkali resistance, and plays an important structural role in the insulation system, and it is important to prevent the occurrence of cracks. Because of its excellent resistance to acids, alkalis and other chemicals, and high tensile strength, it can evenly disperse the stress on the external wall insulation system and avoid the entire impact caused by external impact and extrusion. The deformation of the thermal insulation structure makes the thermal insulation layer have a very high impact resistance, and is easy to construct and control the quality. It plays the role of "soft steel bar" in the thermal insulation system. For example, grid printing is generally used for outdoor building fonts and outdoor advertising background walls.

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