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Application of light box cloth:

Update:2020-06-19 00:00


1. Wedding photo studio, home decoration, architectural decoration, design institute, planning institute, product design center, bridge building, automobile ultra-thin and beautiful: she is ultra-thin and ultra-light, elegant and elegant appearance. Its thickness is generally less than 3CM, only about 1/10 of the thickness of ordinary light boxes. As a result, she maximized space utilization, beautified the environment, saved transportation costs, simplified the installation procedures, and broadened the scope of application. Especially in environments with strict requirements on space use, such as: elevators, public passages, shopping malls, supermarkets, subways, stations, etc., it is the most ideal place to use ultra-thin light boxes.

2. Decoration publicity projects for exhibition halls, museums, libraries, gymnasiums, art galleries, exhibition halls, opera houses, universities, middle schools, vocational schools, hospitals, banks, insurance, and securities.

3. Conference center, exhibition center, certificate center, municipal engineering, department store, supermarket chain, shopping plaza, jewelry monopoly, cosmetics chain, beverage trade, tobacco and alcohol trade, fast food chain, medicine chain, stationery center, boutique center, furniture Advertising and promotion projects for centers, home appliance wholesale, musical instrument monopoly, etc.

4. Municipal plane lighting system, square ground lamp project, park attraction introduction project, local lantern festival project, community bulletin board project, waiting booth project, bank self-service cash withdrawal project, telephone booth project, power emergency project, building display project, airport passage project, Subway railway station exit engineering, etc.

5. Wall painting beautification works for hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, villas, tea houses, western restaurants, cafes, cakes and pastries, bars, karaoke halls, dance halls, saunas, beauty salons, fitness rooms, health centers, etc.

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