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Carbon fiber vinyl film is very durable

Update:2022-09-29 16:29
Carbon Fiber Vinyl Film
If you have been wanting your vehicle to have a carbon fiber appearance, you can easily add a roll of carbon fiber vinyl film to your car. This material is made from a soft, flexible material that conforms easily to flat or curved surfaces. Its texture makes it easy to trim to size, and you can even purchase custom rolls if you have a large order.
Quality carbon fiber vinyl films come in different sizes and prices. Make sure to look for a company that provides the highest quality support. It is never a good idea to buy a cheap product if it will not serve you well. Purchasing a high quality, durable carbon fiber film will ensure that you will be happy with it for many years to come.
Carbon fiber vinyl film is an inexpensive way to upgrade the appearance of your vehicle. Carbon fiber vinyl film is very durable, and it can be applied to any part of a car. It is also easy to apply, and it can cover tight corners. Carbon fiber wraps can also be used on the outside of your car, as the vinyl is heat and water-proof.
Carbon fiber vinyl film comes in a variety of types, but you should look for one that is weather-resistant and durable. A 3D gloss carbon vinyl film will be scratch resistant and will not absorb rain or snowmelt, making it the ideal choice for outdoor applications. In addition, it will not fade over time and has a higher durability than cheaper vinyl films.
Carbon fiber vinyl wrap is usually made of PVC-based vinyl and has an adhesive layer. It mimics the look of real carbon fiber. While this product is not as durable as real carbon fiber, it provides the same premium appearance and is easy to install. Its adhesive layer allows it to be applied to a wide variety of surfaces, making it an excellent option for anyone wanting to add the carbon fiber look without the cost of a full carbon fiber part.

Carbon Fiber Vinyl For Sale

CODE Name Film(MM) Liner(g/m2) Glue Width(M) Color
GY-ZSM001 Carbon Fiber Vinyl 0.17 140(PE coated bubble free line) Clear adhesive 1.27/1.52 white/red/green/Silver/black
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