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Introduce the situation where grid cloth is needed on the wall:

Update:2020-06-24 00:00


1. The new wall

Generally speaking, the newly-built wall surface should be maintained for more than one month before the front wall surface treatment can be carried out. But in reality, it is generally impossible to wait so long. If you want to build as soon as possible, and fear that it will affect the final decoration effect, you can hang a layer of mesh cloth before the latex paint on the wall to protect the wall and prevent cracking.

2. The old wall

When renovating or decorating an old house at home or a second-hand house with a long age, it is best to shovel the original wall skin first and hang a layer of mesh cloth again. Due to the long years of use and exposure to the sun and wind, appreciation will affect the structure of the wall surface. This will reduce the possibility of cracks in the old wall to a certain extent.

3. Wall slotting

For example, the place where the wire groove is opened, because the wall is damaged to a certain extent, it is especially easy to crack in future use. It is best to install a layer of mesh cloth in these places to reduce the possibility of cracking.

4. Wall cracks

Even if the wall is well maintained and cracked after a long time of use. The grid cloth can be used to repair the cracks. For larger cracks, the wall ash at the cracks of the wall surface can be shoveled clean, the interface reinforcement is used to seal the base layer again, and then the grid cloth is hung again.

5. Splices of different materials

The wall decoration techniques are now rich, the wall materials used are many, and there are many cases of splicing different types of materials. In this case, the seams will be very easy to crack, so it is best to lay a grid cloth on these spliced ​​places.

6. Both ends of the new and old wall

Because it is a new and old connection, there is a difference in the wall, and it is easy to crack when applying latex paint. It is necessary to hang a grid cloth in this place.

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