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Knowledge of finished PVC material in tarpaulin products

Update:2019-12-28 14:51

Under normal circumstances, the tarpaulin products with the same proportion of area and higher prices will definitely be better. One penny for one penny. Although that is the case, there are certain disadvantages. The price is only one aspect. Practicality is another aspect, not that the higher the price, the better the quality of the tarpaulin.

A very important criterion for the quality of the tarpaulin is the density of latitude and longitude. The higher the density, the better the strength, that is, the better the quality. In terms of appearance, the rougher the surface, the lower the quality, so if you take a tarpaulin, you must first look at the roughness, and then you can try the softness by hand. The main material of the tarpaulin is introduced. The material is explained in detail, and looking at the quality from the material is a very reference method.

Of course, if you add the price factor, I believe you can choose the right product for your needs, but at the end I still want to remind everyone that when buying, the tarpaulin can be tested with water, a good awning After rubbing the cloth products with hands, then pour in water to see if it leaks. If the tarpaulin is of poor quality, it will cause problems.

The main characteristics of PVC tarpaulin are: First, the stretch is very strong. Second, it won't leak water inward. Third, the low temperature resistance is very good, the cold resistance temperature is about minus 20 degrees Celsius. Fourth, the anti-fog level is one level. Its main uses: the freight tarpaulins of cars and trains are generally made of PVC; they are used to cover the open-air warehouse stacks; they can also be used as outer sheaths for various machinery and equipment; they can also be used to build temporary granaries,

Next, I will tell you the differences between railway truck tarpaulins and moisture-proof tarpaulins. The truck tarpaulin is also called "road step", which is specially applied to railway loading, which is specially used for trucks carrying cargo, which effectively guarantees the safety of the cargo during transportation. The main use place of moisture-proof tarpaulin is railway station freight yard, which is specially used for cargo moisture-proof and fire-proof.

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