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PVC Flexible Banners - A Widely Used Signage Product

Update:2022-10-12 00:00
With the economy is growing rapidly and boosting the PVC flexible banner industry. The growing literate population is driving the demand for packaging and printing materials in the fast growing trade and industrial sectors. With this in mind, there are many opportunities in this market that new entrepreneurs can take advantage of.
PVC flexible banners are a versatile signage product with many applications. It has an attractive appearance and excellent mechanical properties. In addition, it is light weight and cost effective. It can replace traditional plastic film and is widely used for indoor and outdoor signage, architectural signs, trade show displays and screen printing.
PVC flexible banner material can be used indoors and outdoors and is resistant to harsh weather. It is inexpensive and durable, and comes in different widths and shapes. Choosing the right PVC banner material for your project is critical. The right material will ensure the best print quality and the best longevity for your outdoor signage.
Another option for PVC flexible banners is PVC-free. this type of vinyl is UV resistant and water resistant. In addition, PVC-free vinyl is made of 100% recyclable plastic. While PVC is not recyclable, other materials, such as polyester, PP and PET, can be recycled. It also depends on the composition of the plastic. PVC-free vinyl will be made from solvent-based polyacrylates or emulsion-based acrylates.
After the vinyl is cut and prepared for application, it is applied to the appropriate surface. In most cases, the adhesive material adheres to the medium by heating. After that, it sticks to the sign or banner. However, vinyl wrinkles easily. The good news is that removing wrinkles is relatively easy.
If you need a durable and versatile banner, a PVC flexible banner is a good choice. This type of banner is great for outdoor billboards and is safer than banners printed on clothing. It is also very inexpensive compared to other types of signs.
PVC flexible material can be applied to a variety of different items. For example, it can be applied to sweaters, jackets or flexible panels. Heat bonds the material to the surface, reducing the risk of damage. other applications for PVC flex banners include custom office signs, real estate signs, and point-of-purchase signs.

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CODE weight(gsm) Basic Fabric Width
GY-MC3201066 320 1000*1000D/6*6 1.0~5.0
GY-MC3401099 340 1000*1000D/9*9 1.0~5.0
GY-MC3501093 350 1000*1000D/9*13 1.0~5.0
GY-MC3601098 360 1000*1000D/9*18 1.0~5.0
GY-MC3401022 340 1000*1000D/12*12 1.0~5.0
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