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The Best in Matte Cotton Canvas Printing

Update:2021-12-14 09:55
Exhibition Matte Canvas is an excellent alternative to standard canvas printing for all kinds of custom creations. It is especially useful for large format ( stretched to letter size) and full color photo imaging and is great value for money for the money paid for the reproduction. Exhibitions demand high quality materials that are durable, resilient to colour damage and that have an exceptional matte finish that mimics the look of natural linen. It is also a good option for large format printing where a canvas print needs to be durable enough to withstand the rigours of display & presentation.

Exhibition Matte Cotton Canvas Hammered Roll - A simple roll of the most durable, long lasting and cost effective matte cotton canvas rolled in a aluminium frame to suit all standard exhibition sizes. Canvas is ideal for the ultimate smooth glazing function, providing maximum resistance to damage. Ideal for heavy use, this roll of the highest quality can be used for both large format and small format printing.

Exhibitions Matte Canvas Roll - The largest rolls available, this is the equivalent to two pieces of full colour fine art mounted on one roll of matte inkjet canvas. Perfect for the perfect reproduction of the finest artwork, this roll features an ultimate reproduction of the fine art look as well as the touch of natural white. As it is a heavy duty roll the edges are precision cut and protected with an aluminum frame. Ideal for the ultimate smooth glazing function, this gallery quality, OBA Free base means your documents will last for years to come if produced and displayed under the correct conditions.

Gallery Wrap Canvas Rolls - This high quality gallery wrapped gallery canvas is suitable for most standard inkjet printers and can print in full colour. It's printed using archival inks which are specially formulated for long lasting use in ink jet printers and are 100% archival ready. This roll comes with an archival protective sheet ensuring the highest quality print possible.

Gallery Wrap Canvas - These rolled up panels ensure the best presentation of any print when mounted on an exhibition board. The matte cotton canvas used in these panels has the highest printing temperatures available in the market and is specifically designed to print with the greatest detail giving you the ultimate result. This roll of top quality, OBA Free, archival ink is easy to clean and resistant to scratching, peeling and cracking so your printed images will be as good as new. This roll is great for large format printing or to fit in the smallest of locations so all your artwork is guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go. Ideal for any printing needs, you can create stunning photographic exhibitions with your custom made gallery wrapped canvas.

Glossy White Cotton - The smooth, brilliant white finish gives you a professional quality finish that won't wash off easily even after years of use. A popular choice amongst wedding photographers and graphics designers alike, glossy paper is also ideal for printing banners and business cards. Glossy paper resists fading and will not yellow with age, making it an everlasting addition to your collection of printed media. The gloss on these printed panels is created by the specially formulated Cotton Tree inks which are completely waterproof, ultra-violet resistant and environmentally friendly.   
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