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What are the construction and operation techniques for plastering and posting grid cloth on walls?

Update:2020-07-10 16:43

Let's study in depth the construction scheme of plastering and posting grid cloth on the wall. It is mainly divided into three parts: construction preparation, operation process and quality requirements.

First, Construction Preparation

1. Material preparation: glass fiber mesh cloth, cement, 107 glue

2. Operating conditions: the main structure has been checked and accepted by the relevant personnel, the dust and debris on the surface of the base wall have been cleaned up, and the wall of the aerated block is sprinkled and wetted one day in advance

Second, the operation process

Grassroots cleaning → watering and wetting → scraping the underlying plain slurry → spreading the grid cloth → scraping the surface plain slurry → watering and curing

1. Grassroots cleanup

Clean up the dust and debris on the surface of the wall that has been accepted, and pick up the expansion concrete and smooth it.

2. Wetting with water

The wall should be sprinkled and wetted one day before the construction. It is advisable to immerse the water into the wall of the aerated block 8~10mm. In dry weather, the wall is still dry and not wet when plastering. You should spray water again before construction.

3. Scrape the bottom plain slurry

Put the plain cement slurry mixed with 107 glue on the two sides of the wall of different materials with an iron scraper, each side is not less than 150mm, and the thickness is about 2~3mm. The bottom plain slurry should be even and flat, without revealing the base layer, Carry on the grid cloth.

4. Paving grid cloth

Put the mesh braid cut in advance tightly on the scraped bottom plain slurry. Use an iron scraper to press into the bottom plain slurry without leaving any wrinkles. The two sides of the grid cloth are straight and uniform, and the width is uniform.

5. Scrape layer plain slurry

After the grid cloth is laid flat, use iron mortar and cement paste to apply to the grid cloth. If the grid cloth is not exposed, wipe it flat.

6. Watering and curing

After sticking the grid cloth, if the internal wall plastering construction cannot be carried out immediately, sprinkle the water after 12 hours to ensure the surface is moist, and the curing time shall not be less than 3 days.

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