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What are the production process and application characteristics of PVC tarpaulin?

Update:2020-08-13 00:00

Introduction to the production process and application characteristics of PVC tarpaulin!

PVC tarpaulin has superior performance such as waterproof, aging resistance, anti-static, tear resistance, etc. It is a very popular protective cloth at present. It is widely used in daily life, industrial production and other fields. Introduction of tarpaulin production process and application characteristics!

PVC Tarpaulin

PVC tarpaulin production process:

Use vertical machine production, vertical machine mechanical production, straighten the cloth into the raw material box and pull it out. The gluey material on the thatch is high-purity PVC material, and then both sides are straightened by the machine knife. After scraping with a knife, it is dried in a dryer, trimmed, divided into circles, and packaged. There are two types of dryers, one is electric burning and the other is boiler. Vertical machines have high requirements for raw materials and must have a certain degree of purity for raw materials. The PVC canvas produced by the vertical machine is often slightly more expensive, and the purity of the tarpaulin product is also high.

The production process and characteristics of PVC tarpaulin:

Appearance: good color and luster, shiny and reflective; one side is flat and smooth, and the other side has some granular objects, indicating that the resin component is added properly and the temperature is right; there is no pinhole, the resin has high density, good anti-aging, and long service life.

Tensile force: According to different processes, the canvas is striving for perfection in the material ratio, so that the less damage to the fabric, the better the tensile force; the higher the warp and weft density of the yarn, the stronger the tensile force.

Waterproof performance: 100% waterproof performance, good glue quality, the canvas will not appear pinholes, high-quality production material. The addition of materials, resin composition, and density all determine the performance of PVC waterproof cloth.

Hand feeling: It feels soft to the touch. Although the thickness is average, the thickness is actually up to the requirement. It is just because of the high resin composition and good processing technology, so the hand feels very soft and not rough.

Environmental protection performance: PVC tarpaulin is based on polyester filament, with PVC double-sided coating, selected high-quality environmentally friendly resin, smooth surface, bright color, waterproof, fireproof, anticorrosion, mildew, cold and high temperature resistance , Anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging and other properties.

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