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What is the difference between the external light knife scraper and the internal light knife scraper?

Update:2020-08-26 00:00

  It is suitable to use the inner light knife to scrape the cloth for indoor use, and the outer light knife can be used for both indoor and outdoor use. In addition, the inner light knife scraping cloth is also called the netless knife scraping cloth, which has good light transmittance, and the outer light knife scraping cloth does not transmit light.


   Knife cloth is a kind of chemical synthetic material, which is thicker than ordinary light cloth. The front side of the knife scraping cloth is soft and smooth, and the back side is rough, with thick and uneven granules. Knife scraping cloth can be divided into high-gloss and matte surfaces, which are mainly used in different applications. High-gloss is mainly used indoors, and matte surfaces can be used indoors or outdoors.

Knife scraping cloth

   Finished product features:

  (1) High strength, good ductility, and strong flexibility. This unique property makes this material widely used in large-format, high-end and fine commodity markets.

  (2) Smooth surface and strong ink absorption. The chemical properties of the material determine its strong ink absorption, and it can adhere with high strength under oily or water-based ink conditions.

  (3) Stable physical and chemical properties, mainly in anti-oxidation, acid and alkali resistance and severe cold resistance.


   knife scraping cloth is generally used for coating canopy covers, light boxes, background panels, wide-format advertising pictures in public places, etc.

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