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What is UV printing?

Update:2020-05-29 11:20


UV printing is a form of digital printing that uses an ultraviolet lamp to dry or cure the ink during printing. When the printer dispenses ink on the surface of the material (called the "substrate"), a specially designed UV lamp will follow, curing or drying the ink. Originally developed for rapid drying of gel nail polish during manicure, UV applications have rapidly expanded to industrial and commercial markets. Because the UV lamp can immediately cure any printed ink, the wet ink dots will not spread out after printing, resulting in finer details

In the 1960s, UV curing was first used in industrial production, especially for the curing of wood surface coatings. After that, the United States applied UV for lithography for the first time and achieved good results. Then the technology gradually spread to the United Kingdom and other countries. UV curing technology has been applied to various printing methods and adapted to various modes, such as relief blocks, flexographic printing, lithographic printing plates, and screen printing plates. It has replaced many outdated traditional printing methods, saving manpower and material resources. Created the most valuable.

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