Little knowledge of inkjet cloth (4)

Update:2021-05-12 11:03
1. Silver carving cloth
Silver carving cloth is also called "white canvas or silk spun cloth". It is made by using a kind of silk called "Wumei Satin" as the base material and then coating the corresponding paint. From the difference of the paint, it is divided into two types: high gloss and matte.
High-gloss silver carving cloth is generally called silk spun cloth. Its coating is high-gloss transparent paint. The printing surface retains the silky luster of the silk surface, and the picture is bright. It is often used in photo studios or commercial promotion, such as: some real estate sales The department will use silver-carved cloth as the propaganda hanging pictures of the real estate; the photo studio is used to make wedding photos, the effect is bright and elegant. Because high-gloss and transparent coatings do not have waterproof performance, high-gloss silver carved cloth is not waterproof.
The matte silver carving cloth is also called white canvas. It is coated with matte paint. The printed surface of the coating has a matte effect. The coating surface is thicker and smoother, and the ink absorption is large. The picture effect is in the color. Saturation and vividness are better, and it is generally used for the production of some artistic works and the production of pictures with bright colors. Such as the printing of some ink painting artworks and the printing of landscape paintings. The white canvas has a certain waterproof performance, and can be used for the display of indoor and outdoor hanging pictures, the production of curtain pictures, and so on.
2. Double transparent cloth
The double-permeable cloth gets its name because the printed picture effect can achieve a good double-permeable effect, that is, the effect on both sides is basically the same. The base fabric is thin, soft to the touch, and can be printed on the front and back, with a double penetration effect of about 90%. There is also a double permeable cloth with water-based ink and double permeable cloth with solvent-based ink on the market. The double permeable cloth is suitable for flags, flags, flagpole advertisements, banners, business windows, curtains, shopping malls POP paintings, etc. Because the double penetration effect is good, one side of the inkjet effect can play a role in both sides, which can save the cost of inkjet printing, and can completely replace some printing and dyeing, screen printing, thermal transfer and banner printing and other plate making productions due to high costs and cannot be produced in small batches. Advertising area.
3. Banner cloth
Banner cloth is widely used and one of the cloth consumables in demand. It is mainly used for indoor and outdoor banners, flags, curtains, and scenery pictures. Usually called "flag cloth" or "waterproof cloth". Because it uses synthetic fiber as the base material, the material is characterized by soft material and suitable for hanging. The banner cloth uses solvent-based ink, which has good water resistance and outdoor weather resistance, and is used for outdoor picture display. Among the cloth photo materials, banner cloth is one of the most favorable price, because it has light weight, good effect, and is convenient for post-processing production. At present, banner cloth is used in the production of many outdoor pictures.
4. Art cloth
Art cloth is a kind of cloth material with a wide range of uses. Its colors are vivid and vivid. It can be used for hanging pictures on X display racks, roll-up banners, etc., and can also be used for stage backgrounds, art photos, wedding photos, etc. Because the coating is made of matte material, it has a certain degree of waterproof performance, so it is not necessary to cover it for short-term outdoor use.
5. Mesh cloth
The mesh cloth is made of high-strength imported fiber, wind-resistant and waterproof, and it drapes without curling. Due to the characteristics of the mesh, the picture will show a translucent effect or an opaque effect with changes in ambient light. The special grid process will pass through the screen in case of strong wind without harming or destroying the screen. The mesh cloth presents different transparent effects with the change of ambient light, high color saturation, high strength, waterproof and sunscreen.
Uses: Hanging advertisements in the atrium of shopping malls, building advertisements, and used as artistic curtains. The application of grids is more linked to the advertising industry, and the places involved are basically used for advertising on high-rise walls. Due to the special material characteristics of grid cloth, it is stronger and more durable than ordinary cloth. The difference between light box cloth and inkjet cloth
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