PVC wallpaper is one of the most popular types of home decoration wallpaper

Update:2023-03-08 15:11
PVC Wallpaper Versus Non-Woven Wallpaper
PVC wallpaper is one of the most popular types of home decoration wallpaper. Its main features are durability, easy cleaning, and affordability. In addition to its attractive appearance, it also has strong design effects. But its environmental protection is less than non-woven wallpaper.
Non-woven wallpaper is a new generation of environmentally friendly decorative material. It has good air permeability, ventilation, and sound absorption characteristics. The surface is made from natural fibers that have been refined. This kind of wallpaper is much lighter than PVC wallpaper. However, it is not as flexible as PVC wallpaper.
Another type of wallpaper, PVC wallpaper, is known as engineering wallpaper. It is more affordable than non-woven fabric. You can also purchase the vinyl wallpaper as an unpasted product. As a result, it is more convenient to install.
Vinyl wallpapers are commonly used in rooms where a lot of moisture develops. They are also a good choice for a kitchen backsplash. For a more durable and textured finish, you can paint them with glossy paint.
Vinyl wallpaper has many advantages, but its disadvantages include the use of harmful chemicals. Some of these chemicals are volatile organic compounds, which can cause headaches and dizziness. Moreover, the plasticizer that is added to the paper carrier can be absorbed into your skin. If you live in a humid area, it is recommended to avoid using this kind of wallpaper.
PVC wallpaper is usually water-repellent, and it is commonly embossed. It is difficult to distinguish it from the non-woven wallpaper. When you hang it, you should pay attention to the pattern repeats. Otherwise, you may end up tearing the fabric.
Non-woven wallpaper is more expensive than PVC wallpaper. It is lighter and more advanced. Therefore, it is more appropriate for rooms where you are more concerned with the environment. Besides, it is more easily removed from the wall.
Non-woven wallpaper is a natural plant fiber. It can absorb sound, provide ventilation, and protect against mildew growth. Aside from these advantages, it is very lightweight.
Compared to PVC wallpaper, non-woven wallpaper has better moisture resistance, ventilation, and durability. Despite its advanced features, it is easier to remove from the wall. Because of its flexibility, it can be hung in a matched pattern.
Whether you choose PVC or non-woven, you will be able to find a variety of different patterns and colors. You can choose from modern designs, classic designs, or a combination of them. With the latest trend in home decoration, more and more people are looking for more beautiful visual designs.
Choosing the right kind of wallpaper can make your house more beautiful. Moreover, you can choose a design that fits your personality. So, be sure to read the manufacturer's recommendations before you buy. Besides, you can also consider choosing a pattern that can be applied to the entire wall.
You can also look for a primer that can help you to prepare your wall. Using a mold-resistant wallpaper primer can reduce the risk of mildew. Besides, you can also consider installing ventilating fans in the bathroom to lower the humidity.

pvc Wallpaper
CODE Name Film(MM) Liner(g/m2) Glue Width(M) Inks
GY-QZ001 Wallpaper 0.18 120 Clear adhesive 1.27/1.37/1.52 Solvent&Eco Solvent
GY-QZ002 Wallpaper 0.18 120 Clear adhesive 1.27/1.37/1.52 Solvent&Eco Solvent
GY-QZ003 Wallpaper 0.18 120 Clear adhesive 1.27/1.37/1.52 Solvent&Eco Solvent
GY-QZ005 Wallcloth / 280 / 2.3/2.5/2.8/3 Solvent&Eco Solvent/uv/latex
GY-QZ006 Wallcloth / 160 / 2.85 Solvent&Eco Solvent/uv/latex
GY-QZ007 Non-Woven Wallpaper / 173 / 1.07/1.12/1.27/1.52 Solvent&Eco Solvent/uv/latex
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