Three major canvases commonly used in digital oil painting

Update:2020-03-06 14:59

The digital oil paintings currently on the market have their own canvases. The canvases selected by different brands are different. Generally, there are three categories:

Hand painted canvas

Adopt advanced equipment and technology, carefully developed formulas and processes, and mechanical spraying. The canvas is made of high-quality chemical fiber, cotton, linen, cotton and linen, polyester-cotton cloth as the base fabric. The canvas coating is even and flat, with no particles on the surface, no bubbles, no pinholes, clear warp and weft, and a clear grid. The film and cloth are firmly combined, the coating does not peel, and the roll does not crepe and crack; the paint does not leak and leak, the color is vivid and bright, and the three-dimensional sense is strong. Jiu Zang does not deform and does not change color; it can also be applied by scraping according to special requirements. Artists can choose to use pure linen oil canvas, while painting can use cotton oil canvas or chemical fiber oil canvas.

Inkjet canvas

After printing and spraying liquid film, it can show perfect oil painting effect. Support high-precision original oil painting copy output, strong print compatibility, bright colors, high image resolution, and strong anti-aging performance. Third, waterproof art cloth, waterproof oil canvas, waterproof cotton canvas and other matte photo canvas coating surface is smooth, fine, rough cloth base, the texture is obvious, impermeable, deformation, cracking, color saturation And the resolution of the image is excellent. The coating formula and process are suitable for four-color offset printing and screen printing. If the brush stroke is appropriately added, the effect is better. Suitable for line painting, decorative painting are widely used in wedding photo studios, indoor and outdoor advertising, hanging flags, people or landscape images, Chinese paintings, oil paintings, prints, watercolors and so on.

Wool knitted fabric

This kind of material is basically rarely used at present. Even if it is used by businesses, it is very rare in style, cost, hue, and shelf life. It can be said that compared with Yuan Meijia, it is only used in hand-painted oil painting. On the other hand, the display effect is the same as digital oil painting. Another reason for the lack of use is that the current position of digital oil painting in the market is relatively mid-range, and the price rise may not be recognized for a short time.

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