What is the installation method of light box cloth

Update:15 May 2020


Light box cloth installation method:

1. Direct paste method

Fix the luminous characters and 3M light box cloth together by pasting

2. Mechanical fastening method

Fix the luminous characters and 3M light box cloth with bolts

i) Paste the luminous font on the light box cloth

After positioning with a template on the light box cloth, punch the bolt through holes, the hole diameter is Φ8.

ii) Pass the bolt on the acrylic light through the Φ8 through hole on the light box cloth, at the same time position the transparent acrylic washer and stainless steel spring washer on the back of the light box cloth, tighten the nut and fasten it. There must be at least 5 installation points for each font.

iii) Apply transparent sealant evenly along the outline of the font


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