What is the role of grid cloth?

Update:24 Jul 2020

Grid fabric is a new type of alkali-resistant product of glass fiber woven with this medium-alkali or non-alkali glass fiber yarn and coated with alkali-resistant polymer emulsion.

1. Mesh cloth is generally used in cement, gypsum and walls. It can strengthen the skeleton materials of cement products, reinforced plastics and rubber products, so as to prevent the phenomenon of cracks on the wall surface. Its characteristics are about the following five points:

1. Good chemical stability. Therefore, it has the functions of being resistant to acid, alkali, water, cement, and other chemical corrosion.

2. High strength, high modulus and light weight, so the impact resistance is relatively good.

3. Good dimensional stability, stiffness and flatness, so it is not easy to shrink and deform.

4. It can prevent mildew and insects in the house.

5. It has the functions of fire prevention, heat preservation, sound insulation and insulation.




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