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Haining Guangyu Warp Knitting Co., Ltd was established in 2003, as a professional China Air Dome manufacturers and Air Dome factory , we expanded the production scale and introduced the advanced equipment from Germany and Taiwan in recent years. Guangyu has Two Calendering lines, five warp knitting lines and five laminating lines with the annual production capacity of 100 million square meters so far. We operate a quality management system, which has been assessed as conforming to ISO9001:2000. We always focus on the quality of our products and we can promise that the products are up to the standard so that our Air Dome are well accepted by our customers. The fact that our products are exported to North America, South America, Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia

Inflatable Air Dome

Features: Excellent air tightness, stability,cold cracking, anti-aging and flexibility. Application: inflatable boat, gas storage.


① Gas storage ② Inflatable boat

Custom Inflatable Structures

Features: Water proof with 1000000mm Hydrostatic pressure. Stability and excellent weatherability.


① Liquid storage ② Inflatable jumping castle

Air Dome Industry Knowledge Extension

What are the advantages and applications of Air Domes?

Air domes provide a versatile and cost-effective solution for a wide range of applications, offering several advantages over traditional building structures. Understanding the advantages and applications of air domes can help customers make informed decisions. Let's delve into the key advantages and applications of air domes:

Advantages of Air Domes:

Quick Installation and Portability: Air domes can be installed quickly compared to traditional buildings, saving time and resources. They are also portable and can be easily moved or relocated as needed, making them a flexible choice for temporary or mobile structures.

Cost-Effective: Air domes offer significant cost savings compared to conventional buildings. They require fewer materials and construction time, resulting in lower upfront costs. Additionally, air domes have lower operational costs due to their energy-efficient design, requiring less heating, cooling, and lighting.

Spacious Interior: Air domes provide a spacious and unobstructed interior space, free from columns or support structures. This makes them ideal for various applications that require large open areas, such as sports facilities, exhibition halls, warehouses, and recreational spaces.

Versatility in Design and Customization: Air domes can be customized to suit specific requirements. They can be designed in different shapes, sizes, and heights, allowing for flexibility in accommodating various activities and functions. Customization options include insulation, ventilation systems, lighting, and branding opportunities.

Durability and Weather Resistance: Air domes are engineered to withstand various weather conditions, including wind, rain, snow, and UV exposure. High-quality materials and advanced construction techniques ensure durability, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Applications of Air Domes:

Sports Facilities: Air domes are commonly used as sports facilities for indoor activities such as tennis, soccer, basketball, golf, and more. They provide a controlled environment, allowing sports enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite activities year-round, regardless of weather conditions.

Event Spaces and Exhibition Halls: Air domes can be transformed into versatile event spaces and exhibition halls. Their large and open interiors provide ample space for trade shows, conferences, concerts, product launches, and other events. The customizable design allows for easy installation of stages, seating, lighting, and branding elements.

Warehouses and Storage Facilities: Air domes serve as cost-effective alternatives to traditional warehouses and storage facilities. They provide ample space for inventory storage, logistics operations, and distribution centers. The portable nature of air domes enables easy expansion or relocation as business needs evolve.

Recreational and Entertainment Centers: Air domes are ideal for creating recreational and entertainment centers. They can accommodate indoor theme parks, adventure sports facilities, inflatable play zones, trampoline parks, and other leisure activities. The spacious interiors and customizable design offer endless possibilities for creating unique experiences.

Temporary Structures and Emergency Shelters: Air domes are used as temporary structures and emergency shelters in disaster-stricken areas or during events that require temporary accommodations. Their quick installation and portability make them a practical choice for providing temporary housing, medical facilities, command centers, or storage in emergency situations.

In summary, air domes offer several advantages over traditional building structures, including quick installation, cost-effectiveness, spacious interiors, versatility in design, durability, and weather resistance. Their applications span sports facilities, event spaces, exhibition halls, warehouses, recreational centers, temporary structures, and emergency shelters. As a manufacturer, supplier, and factory of air domes, you can provide these innovative solutions to cater to the perse needs of your customers.

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