4 details when Car Inkjet Advertising

Update:2020-03-14 15:35

Due to the popularity and maturity of inkjet technology, body advertising has been adopted in the form of inkjet. Pay attention to the following details

First, the size, on the basis of the original reserve enough space for inkjet advertising splicing.

2. Pay attention to the interface position. Because the body is generally not a standard rectangle, there are air holes and door handles. We sometimes see that some high-definition body-painted advertising people's faces just cover their features with their handles, causing the ads to look different from ads.

3. The place where the turn is installed must be smoothed with a blower, so that the effect of inkjet advertising will be good.

Fourth, after the whole is done, check whether there is a place where the edges are not fastened. Careful inspection can keep the body spraying advertising effect good and not easy to fall off.

In this way, a body paint advertisement is completed. You can go on the road with your approval certificate number

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