Difference between chemical fiber, polyester-cotton and cotton canvas

Update:11 Jan 2020

Canvas manufacturers explain the differences between chemical fiber, polyester-cotton and cotton canvas

From the appearance: the cotton canvas is yellowish and looks more natural. There will be some small black spots on the back of the cloth, which are the residue of cottonseed husk.

Compared with synthetic synthetic cotton cloth, synthetic cotton cloth is harder in texture and looks smoother.

Polyester cotton canvas has the natural feel of cotton canvas and the harder material of chemical fiber canvas.

From the point of view: the cotton canvas feels soft to the touch.

Chemical fiber canvas feels rough.

Polyester cotton canvas feels slightly harder than cotton canvas.

From the nature point of view: the cotton oil canvas has a good coloring effect and has a long storage time, but it will gradually relax after a long time.

Although the chemical fiber oil canvas has a poor color effect, the cotton oil canvas with abrasion resistance, tensile resistance, heat resistance and light resistance is much better.

Polyester cotton canvas has obtained the above two advantages. It not only has the characteristics of wear resistance, tensile resistance, heat resistance, light resistance of chemical fiber optimized cloth, but also has good coloring effect.


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