Difference between UV self adhesive vinyl and ordinary self adhesive vinyl

Update:14 Feb 2020

First, the difference between UV self adhesive vinyl and ordinary self adhesive vinyl

1. High picture accuracy: small prints are clear and picture texture is clear.

2. High color reduction: bright colors, clear layers and high reduction.

3. Long use cycle: it can be kept for 3-5 years if it is placed indoors.

4. Floor film resistant film: The thickness of the supporting floor film is doubled, which will last longer.

Due to the different nature of the application, it is divided into removable and immovable. Immovable is generally mounted on KT board, bright board, Chevron board.

Wait for installation on the board. Removable is generally attached to the car, the ground, glass walls, etc., can be easily removed after use.

In large shopping malls, supermarkets, airports and other public places, there are often very thick round pillars. If you can paste pictures on the pillars, you can both beautify the environment and play the role of advertising. The UV removable sticker for the advertising screen of the pillar is the choice.


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