How to choose inkjet cloth?

Update:2021-04-08 00:00
The quality of printing mainly depends on the ink and printing medium. Good ink can truly restore colors and express very good images. Of course, choosing the right inkjet media is also very important. Inferior inkjet media cannot express colors well, and thus cannot achieve the desired advertising effect. For example, improper selection of inkjet media will seriously affect the image effect of the X display rack. Generally, roll-up banners will choose photo paper, so that the screen is brighter and beautiful. Currently, cloth is rarely used.
Furthermore, improper selection of consumables can even cause damage to the printing equipment and nozzles. Inkjet media mainly include cloth, paper and film. The use of cloth media in inkjet printing is gradually increasing, but, unfortunately, many external factors will destroy the design and creative ideas. Climate, wind and sand, ultraviolet light, pollution, bacteria, dust, artificial lighting, etc. will all threaten the expansion of billboards.
If the performance of the ink used in the printing process is unstable, or the ink absorption of advertising consumables is poor, under the influence of external factors such as ultraviolet rays, dust, and pollution, the advertising will appear discoloration. Moreover, if the silk strength is not enough and the weaving structure is not good in the inkjet fabric, the outer surface of the fabric may also be damaged, torn or deformed under the combined action of wind and sand or other external factors, and the PVC may also be removed from the base. Peel off the cloth.
As billboards inevitably bear the above-mentioned threats, it is necessary to adopt a very cautious attitude in the production and selection of billboards. In this way, the choice of advertising printing cloth plays a pivotal role. Even if the actual idea of ​​the advertisement is clever, the inkjet quality is good, and the display location is excellent, all these efforts may be in vain if the consumables are not among the "precise selection".
Nowadays, in the advertising market, there are various types of inkjet fabrics with low-priced calendered fabrics, roller-coated fabrics with better quality and lower prices, and the top part of the pyramid is knife-scraped coated fabrics. The knife-scraping coating technology has the outstanding characteristics of stable advertising effects and delivering effective information to consumers.
So, how to choose the right inkjet coating?
Due to the wide variety of inkjet cloth, it is not easy to choose the correct inkjet cloth. The correct inkjet cloth helps to perfectly reflect the spirit of the work. It has high resolution, just right color vividness, excellent weather resistance and moisture resistance, and extends The service life of the inkjet works, the later stretch production has a good performance.
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