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How about the inner wall grid cloth

Update:2020-07-03 14:09

The mesh cloth is based on medium-alkali or non-alkali glass fiber woven fabric, and is processed by alkali-resistant coating. The product has high strength and good alkali resistance. It plays an important structural role in the thermal insulation system and mainly prevents cracks.

Due to its excellent resistance to acids, alkalis and other chemical substances and high tensile strength in the warp and weft directions, it can evenly distribute the stress on the external wall insulation system and avoid the entire insulation caused by collision and extrusion of external impact The deformation of the structure makes the insulation layer have high impact strength, and is easy to construct and quality control. It plays a role of "soft steel" in the insulation system.

Internal wall grid cloth construction

1. Keep the wall clean and dry.

2. Stick the tape on the crack and press it tightly.

3. Make sure that the gap is covered with tape, then cut off the excess tape with a knife, and finally apply mortar.

4. Let it dry naturally, then lightly polish.

5. Fill enough paint to make the surface smooth.

6. Cut off the leakage tape. Then, notice that all the cracks have been properly repaired, and use a fine composite material to modify the
surrounding seams to make them smooth and new.

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