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Share the knowledge of using grid cloth

Update:2020-08-07 00:00

However, there are many so-called anti-cracking materials on the market. For example, the most common ones are grid cloth and barbed wire. What materials should be available under what circumstances?

1. Barbed wire

Barbed wire is generally used when there is a new wall, especially if the new wall needs to be affixed with bricks, it is best to stick the wire, so that it is convenient to hang the bricks, in addition to preventing cracks at the junction of the new and old walls. Used in the cement mortar stage.

2. Mesh cloth

It is important to prevent the cracking of the putty's fine lines. It needs to be judged according to the site wall conditions. Used in the batch putty stage.

3. It's really good

Generally, it is never used for a new wall, but is mostly used as a partial repair, such as when there is a relatively long crack on the surface of the wall.

1. There will be a cement label on the cement bag. The label 325 is for normal household use. If you need to build a loft and other civil works, it is recommended to use 425. When stacked on site, it is best to use a waterproof plywood.

2. Generally, more professional companies will put a special shelf for tools on the site. After the wood enters the site, it is best to use a shelf on the wall to prevent moisture. However, there are very few companies that can do this now, and it is recommended to Padded waterproof plywood, protective film, etc.

3. If you need to use gypsum board in the dry area, you should choose waterproof gypsum board. It can be seen that the colors are different. So it should be noted that the nails should be treated with rust prevention.

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