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Some results of using UV printing include:

Update:2020-06-05 15:33


The image printed by the UV printer is satisfactory in color and very bright. Compared with the old printing method, it has good visual effect and freshness.

The UV printing method can print on the surface of various materials by UV ink, which expands the application range of the UV printer. It has been used in paper, cardboard, plastic cement, road network, PVC, PE, etc. It has a good market share and continues to expand its sales scope and application areas.

UV printers can quickly cure and dry printed designs. It greatly improves work efficiency, increases output, and shortens work cycle. You can also use ink to save costs.

After the printing design is completed, the UV printer will quickly cure and dry. The color is not easy to fade, no need for dusting and other desiccants, which can protect the design from damage.

There are no pollutants in the production process of UV printers, environmental protection, UV ink has almost no effect on the body.

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