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The canvas factory tells you the difference between canvas and Oxford cloth

Update:2020-09-28 00:00

   Oxford cloth and canvas At present, there may be many people who are not very clear about the difference between the two, nor can they distinguish which is canvas and which is Oxford cloth. Today I will share with you the difference between Oxford cloth and canvas, to help you better understand them!

   Canvas is a kind of rough and thick cotton and linen fabric, named after sailing. Divided into thick canvas and fine canvas, different canvases also have different functions.

The color of canvas is inferior to Oxford cloth, it fades easily, and the color is dull. The fabric is thicker and feels rougher. Coarse canvas has good waterproof performance, so there are some warehouses and tents for covering in automobile transportation. Fine canvas can be used to make clothing and can also make backpacks and handbags.

The color of oxford cloth looks softer and has good air permeability, moisture absorption, easy to dry, and not easy to fade. It also has good elasticity and the ability to withstand wind, sun and rain, and because most of the Oxford cloth is formed by interweaving polyester-cotton blended yarn and cotton yarn, it has a relatively good feel. comfortable.

   So based on its features, it can be made into the quick-drying shirts, sportswear, and pajamas that we need every day. And because of its water resistance characteristics, some businesses will also use it to make bags, shoes and tents with high wear resistance requirements. At the same time, because of its water absorption and easy drying characteristics, it is usually used as some flood-proof and waterproof materials.

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