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What you don't know about grid cloth

Update:2020-04-30 00:00

Today we will talk about the grid cloth!

1. The grid cloth you never knew

I believe that when I hear the grid cloth, some of my friends are a little confused, and I do n’t quite understand its purpose. Above is the popular science time, please pick up the book.

The grid cloth is attached to the wall before the latex paint is applied to the wall. This grid cloth is mainly used for corrosion protection and crack resistance. It is used on cement, plaster and walls to increase strength and prevent cracking. Perhaps it also has other characteristics:

1. It has the functions of fire prevention, heat insulation and sound insulation

2. The stability is very good, it is not easy to shrink and deform, and the positioning is good. In addition, the strength is higher and the impact resistance is better.

2. Do you want to stick a grid cloth?

Some walls are needed, some are never needed, depending on the situation, but it is not necessary for the roof to use grid cloth.

Actually, it is still recommended that you paste the mesh cloth, it is better than subsidies.

Need to use these times:

1. Brand new wall surface: The new wall concrete is unlikely to be cured for more than one month, so the possibility of cracking is greater. At this time, it is used when applying latex paint to putty.

2. Slotting: Perhaps the first place to make a slot is a grid band

3. Thick leveling layer: If the original wall is never very flat, the leveling layer is thicker when leveling. In this case, you need to paste the grid cloth, level it first, and then put putty on the grid cloth.

4. Old house decoration: If it is an old house, you should never put wallpaper on the grid. In addition, if there are more cracks in the grassroots, it is also recommended to post it. It is better to stick it than never, it is not.


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