Inkjet advertising cloth

Update:10 Feb 2020

There are many types of inkjet cloths, including indoor inkjet cloths and outdoor inkjet cloths. The inkjet process is also different. There are inkjet painting for outdoor machines, inkjet printing for photo machines, and UV inkjet printing.

一 、 What is inkjet advertising cloth?

Inkjet cloth is a kind of cloth material, there are many types: ordinary cloth, fine spray plus fee, inkjet medium-thick cloth, lamp cloth, outer light cloth, thick outer light cloth, grid cloth, black and white cloth, lattice reflective cloth , Knife hanging cloth light, knife hanging cloth dumb, double spray cloth, internal light cloth, non-net internal light cloth, inkjet white car stickers, inkjet black car stickers, single-sided transparent widely used in the advertising industry. Due to the relatively low price of photo cloth, the production cost is equivalent to the cost of PP plus cold laminating film, and a series of film-passing processes can be omitted. Now in many fields, photo cloth has been used to replace traditional consumables to make hanging pictures or background pictures. .

Different types of advertisements choose different cloths, so how to choose inkjet cloths?

The inkjet cloth must match the ink to determine the basic product series. In terms of inkjet printer inks, they can be roughly divided into dye inks, pigment inks, weak solvent inks, and solvent-based inks. The inkjet printers for dye inks and pigment inks can use high-gloss inkjet cloths and matte waterproof inkjet cloths, and the weak solvent inks and solvent-based inks can use low-solvent inkjet cloths and weak solvent matte inkjet cloths.

区分 Inkjet printing cloth can be distinguished by the surface effect of the inkjet printing. If the finished product to be inkjeted has gloss and highly vivid colors, choose high-gloss inkjet printing cloth or weak solvent high-gloss inkjet printing cloth. The finished product to be sprayed requires a matte surface and soft classic colors. Choose a matte waterproof inkjet cloth series or a weak solvent matte inkjet cloth series.

The print performance of inkjet advertisements is very delicate and real. It can meet the customer's requirements for the screen, the publicity effect and the contrast of photography. The displayed images are more natural and vivid.


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