Little knowledge of inkjet cloth (3)

Update:2021-05-10 00:00

1. Exhibition
In the exhibition, cloth consumables are mainly used for hanging flags, banners, curtains, backgrounds, etc. On the one hand, they use the completely different properties of cloth and other materials to break the unification of hard materials such as display panels and frames, so that The exhibition is more vibrant and beautiful, on the other hand, the exhibition equipment made of cloth is easier to carry.
2. Decoration
Needless to say, cloth materials for imitation of oil paintings and silk paintings in decorative paintings, cloth materials are also materials for making murals and wall hangings.
3. Photography and stage background
Photography and stage backgrounds often need to be illuminated with strong light. Smooth materials such as paper and plastic will have high reflective points. The use of cloth materials can solve this problem, especially now that there is a special background cloth that can be completely free Point, and the color is consistent from every angle.
4. Commercial advertising
This mainly refers to the flags, banners, ribbons, etc. in service places such as shopping malls and restaurants. It can even be made into practically valuable windows, curtains, screens, inflatable structures, etc. Its advantages are: easy disassembly and assembly, and no floor space , Does not affect the guests' actions.
Introduction of main cloth materials
1. Photo cloth
Photo cloth is a relatively traditional cloth material. Because of its relatively low price, its production cost is equivalent to that of PP and cold laminating film, and it can save a series of filming processes. Now it has been used in many fields. Cloth replaces traditional consumables to make paintings or background pictures. The photo cloth has a certain degree of waterproof performance, and the water resistance and weather resistance of pigment ink are better. Because the cloth materials have better ink absorption performance, the colors of the pictures produced are bright, well saturated, and have a certain artistic effect. With the continuous development of printing equipment, more solvent-based photo cloths are used in the market.
Photo cloth is mainly used in the production of indoor banners, banners, curtains, X display racks, roll-up banners, commercial and civil interior decoration, exhibitions, art pictures, etc.
2. Canvas
Oil canvas materials have different styles of products due to different cloth substrates, so the expression forms are also different. According to the material of the base fabric, there are generally fiber materials, cotton materials, cotton-like materials, spun linen materials and so on. But no matter what kind of material is used, oil canvas has a common feature, that is, the texture of the cloth is relatively clear, and it has a certain effect of oil painting.
Because of the different substrates, the price of oil canvas varies greatly, ranging from more than ten yuan to hundreds of yuan. Generally speaking, fiber materials are cheaper, and cotton or linen cloths are more expensive. Oil canvas is a relatively material among cloth materials. At present, due to the emergence of high-precision solvent-based machines, many productions on the market also use solvent-based canvas to better enhance its weather resistance. Oil canvas is generally used for interior decoration, hanging paintings, photo studio setting, artwork production, image output, etc. in some places.
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