One way vision inkjet advertising

Update:2020-03-28 15:31

In the inkjet advertising material, there is a material called one way vision. One way vision is a very effective inkjet advertising material made of black and white PVC laminated with pressure-sensitive adhesive and release paper. It is suitable for bus shelters, exhibition centers, telephone booths, conference centers, and outdoor glass curtain walls. On the effect of decoration and advertising.

I. Perforation on one side of a sunshade (small hole): the perspective rate is about 30%, and the perspective effect is poor, but the advertising picture is clearer and there are more ink dots, which is suitable for posting on a glass surface with low perspective effect Such as: display windows, building exterior glass, conference center lobby glass, airport waiting rooms, gas stations and so on.

2. One way vision (large holes) of sunshade perforation: the perspective rate is 48% ~ 50%, the perspective effect is high, and the safety factor is large. It is suitable for posting on vehicles and glass surfaces that require higher perspective effects, such as: Buses, taxis, shop windows, door glass, etc.

Third, the screen printing is transparent on one side: the perspective rate can be adjusted freely according to needs, the product cost is low, but the production process is more complicated, the general four-color silk screen must go through at least seven processes. The perspective effect depends on the quality of the peelable transparent ink and the plate making process, but due to the two characteristics of harder material and larger attachment area, it is easy to cause screen printing to fall off on one side.

There are single-sided and double-sided transmission. Many people do not know what is the difference between double-sided transmission and single-sided transmission? The difference is that the double-sided transparent material is a translucent material with round holes arranged evenly and neatly on it, which plays a role of light transmission. The back adhesive is a transparent removable adhesive surface. When mounted on a transparent object, both sides can show a clear effect, so both sides can show a clear pattern, while only one side shows a clear pattern.

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