PVC Flex Banner is an affordable and durable advertising material

Update:2023-02-01 15:13
PVC Flex Banner
PVC Flex Banner is an affordable and durable advertising material used for indoor and outdoor signage. It is a popular and effective alternative to plastic film. The banner has an appealing look and long life.
PVC flex banner is a flexible banner made from PVC and fabric. The material is known for its UV resistance, acid resistance, water resistant and easy installation. A PVC flex banner is suitable for use with all kinds of solvent based printers. This is a versatile and economical solution for all types of promotions, displays, trade show booths, outdoor publicising and other events.
PVC flex is an ideal replacement for plastic film for many applications, including exhibition booth decoration, building signs, screen printing, and outdoor signage. In addition to its attractive look, PVC flex banner is durable and has an attractive finish.
Generally, PVC flex is produced by laminating a PVC film on a polyester cloth. The top PVC film contributes about 100-120 GSM and the bottom PVC film contributes about 85-95 GSM. Both films have good color expression, light transmission, and ink absorption. However, the flex material is slightly more expensive than vinyl.
Flex banners are often printed using special printers. These printers look similar to inkjets, but have a special surface that is compatible with flex material. Usually, the flex material is applied to the board and bonded with special tools.
PVC flex is available in different widths and weights, such as 510GSM, 300D * 500D, and yarn 500D * 500D (9*9). Flex banners are also available in laminated and frontlit versions. There are also PVC-free flex banners. Compared to vinyl, flex material has more flexibility and is not as heavy.
For many reasons, flex material is becoming more and more popular. Some of these reasons include its lightness, durability, low cost, and versatility. Additionally, the materials are not harmful to humans or the environment.
One of the major concerns about flex material is the safety of the final product. It is important to ensure that the media is used correctly to ensure optimal print quality. Because of this, it is recommended to use the proper settings on your printer.
Alternatively, you can use a flex board to apply your flex banner. These boards are made with an open surface that can accept flex material and are designed to accommodate a variety of bonding techniques. Vinyl is typically used for smooth surfaces, but flex is best for use on rough or uneven surfaces. Using the correct settings can improve your print quality and make the transition to a new media easier.
PVC is the third most widely manufactured synthetic plastic polymer in the world. While it may not be biodegradable, it is a good choice for signage and outdoor advertising because it is durable and inexpensive. Besides, it is lightweight and has a strong ink absorption.

Fronlit Banner

Before we get to the advantages of using a Fronlit Banner in your next event, let us first explain what a Fronlit Banner is. Basically, a Fronlit Banner is a custom banner that you place on the wall at your church or event. Usually, the Fronlit banner will be made with an aluminum alloy that will last for years without fading, cracking, or rusting. Once you have ordered your custom Fronlit Banner, you should have it as much as possible.

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