PVC Tarpaulin can be used in a number of applications

Update:2021-11-09 17:20
All About PVC Tarpaulin Fabric
PVC Tarpaulins, also known as tarps are flat sheets of thick plastic. PVC Tarpaulin can be used in a number of applications. It is commonly used for covering boats to provide additional safety for when there is a leak inside or when it rains. Another application of the Tarpaulin are for camping purposes, to provide protection against the weather. It also serves to protect from the sun, to ensure that the tent stays fresh and cool in the harsh weather conditions. The use of the Tarpaulin has changed due to its many uses.

PVC Tarpaulin specification: PVC Tarpaulin are available in different types and sizes based on the specifications needed for application. It is made up of high tensile strength polyvinyl chloride (Pvc) film, the fine polyvinyl (VP) film and high quality ethylene propylene (EPS) threads per inch. The combination of these three materials results in excellent tensile strength, waterproof, chemical resistance, dimensional stability, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, insect and puncture resistance, fire resistance, electrical and mechanical properties. PVC Tarpaulin, used in construction sites, boat covers, tents, motorhome, motor cycle covers, canopies etc also prove to be highly useful in providing shelter and safety from the rain, strong winds and extreme temperatures.

Excellent tensile strength, excellent chemical and abrasion resistance, waterproof, and flame resistance are the major features of the PVC Tarpaulin fabric. The special polyvinyl (VP) film provides excellent chemical and abrasion resistance and hence is considered one of the best films in the market for this purpose. However, because of its great resistance to weathering, it may deteriorate over a period of time and needs to be periodically treated with a special anti-aging agent. Also it is advised not to expose PVC Tarpaulin to extremely hot or cold temperatures as it starts degrading due to changes in state of solution as a result of change in temperature. So, do not use it in direct sunlight, keep it tightly wrapped when not in use and take proper care while storing it.

Low maintenance cost, better aesthetics and easy handling characteristics, the PVC Tarpaulin fabric has become very popular all over the world among various industries which use it for various purposes. It is generally produced in two processes using either full polyester filament base fabric, or coated pvc paste resin with polyester filament. In the second process, the PVC Tarpaulin gets coated with ultra violet ray and later on coated again with a polyurethane material for further protection.

While manufacturing PVC Tarpaulin, no significant amount of water is used during its production. Usually, it is fabricated in a cold room with presence of humidity machine and pressurized water. A special epoxy preparation is also done in order to provide better chemical and abrasion resistance capabilities of the fabric. But the most important thing that makes it more popular than any other manufacturing technique is the fact that the PVC Tarpaulin can be easily cleaned and maintained as it does not allow the growth of algae, mold or mildew.

After manufacturing PVC Tarpaulin, the cloth is washed carefully using only lukewarm water using a soft brush. The manufacturers warn against hanging the fabric over aluminum or metal objects. In case if the cloth comes into contact with metallic surfaces then it should be removed immediately to avoid any kind of accidents. Thus, the manufacturers firmly believe in the efficiency and usefulness of PVC Tarpaulin.
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