The reasons for the unclear picture, adhesive residue, and breakage of the one way vision

Update:19 Jan 2020

The one way vision is a good inkjet advertising material made of black and white PVC laminated with pressure-sensitive adhesive and release paper. It is suitable for bus shelters and airports. The corridor, exhibition center, conference center, and outdoor glass curtain wall can be used for decoration and advertising.

The advantage of one way vision is that they do not affect the sight of the people inside when viewed from the inside. A good one way vision has a transmittance of 5: 5, but not all one way vision have this effect. Currently, There are many problems with the one way vision on the market, such as the picture is not clear, residual glue, and breakage.

① The color saturation of the advertisement screen is insufficient.

The main reason is that ordinary one way vision on the market use products with a light transmittance of 40%, and only 60% are screen effects, while airport-style corridor-type single-pass advertisements are long-distance, resulting in insufficient saturation of screen effects.

② Residual glue appears when the one way vision is removed.

The main reason is that the weatherability of the product glue does not meet the removable standards.

③ When the one way vision is peeled off, it becomes brittle and difficult to tear.

The main reason is that the ordinary product PVC is thin, has poor tear resistance and weather resistance, and is easily brittle when exposed to the sun.


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